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Sharan Hegde

Sharan Hegde is one of India's top financial influencer, Entrepreneur and content creator

Sharan Hegde, who goes by the name Finance with Sharan, is a popular financial expert in India. He makes videos on social media where he talks about how to handle your money and make investments. He also teaches people about things like the way money affects our minds, cryptocurrency, and taxes in his videos.

Sharan Hegde WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Sharan
Real Name Sharan Hegde
Profession Financial influencer, Entrepreneur and content creator
Birthday July 15
Zodiac Cancer
Gender Male
Birthplace India
Nationality Indian
Qualification Mechanical Engineering

Sharan Hedge used to work as a management consultant at KPMG and PwC. He worked with banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) to help them make a lot of money.

Now, Sharan creates entertaining content about personal finance on Instagram and YouTube. He adds a touch of humor and sometimes dresses up in costumes (cosplay) to make it more engaging. Additionally, he writes informative and action-oriented posts on LinkedIn and Twitter for people who like to read rather than watch videos on social media platforms.

Sharan has built a substantial following of 2.8 million on Instagram. He creatively utilizes popular television shows like Shark Tank, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and The Office to teach financial concepts in an engaging and humorous way.

Sharan Hegde is also an author; he wrote a book titled “Zero to Viral, published in 2023.”

“Zero to Viral” explores the key elements of becoming a successful content creator and the secrets behind crafting content that captures people’s attention. This book covers:

  • Sharan’s journey as an early content creator.
  • His content creation process as he gained a million followers.
  • Frameworks for producing viral content.
  • The psychology behind what makes content go viral.
  • Tips on personal branding.
  • A detailed look at various social media platforms.
  • Insights into the future of content creation and its income potential.
  • Valuable lessons from three other top creators – Ankur Warikoo, Rachana Ranade, and Komal Pandey.

Sharan Hegde Age

Age28 years old
Born in1995

Sharan Hegde Video

Sharan Hegde PHOTOS

Sharan Hegde Photos

Sharan Hegde Photos

Sharan Hegde Photos



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