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Molly Rose

Molly Rose is a super cute Canadian Youtuber fashion nova model and social influencer

Molly Rose is a prominent Canadian YouTuber and social media influencer known for her captivating curves and charming personality, which have contributed to the rapid growth of her popular YouTube channel.


Stage Name Molly Rose
Real Name Molly Rose
Profession Model, Youtuber & social influencer
Gender Female
Birthplace Canada
Nationality Canadian

Born in Canada, Molly Rose currently resides in British Columbia, where she creates a diverse range of content for her YouTube audience. Her channel boasts videos encompassing fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and dance. She is particularly renowned for her fashion and beauty tutorials, clothing hauls, cooking demonstrations, and engaging vlogs. Additionally, she occasionally offers glimpses into her personal life, sharing her culinary adventures and more.

With over 110,000 subscribers and counting on YouTube, Molly Rose has built a substantial and dedicated following. Her friendly and relatable demeanor enables her to forge genuine connections with her viewers, making her a beloved figure in the online content creation sphere. She also maintains a strong presence on Instagram, where she delights her 100,000+ followers with snapshots from her daily life as well as captivating fashion and beauty content.

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Molly Rose Photos

Molly Rose Photos



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