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Cheery Huang

Cheery is a Chinese creative social media Influencer & talent manager in gaming & content creation

Cheery Huang is currently working with Team Liquid with their content creators, working with her creator-clients and on her start-up, Candle with aByte Inc, a platform to connect content creators and freelancing creatives.

Cheery Huang WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Cheery
Real Name Cheery Huang
Profession Gamer & social media influencer
Birthday September 20
Zodiac Virgo
Gender Female
Nationality Chinese
Height 5’6″ (167 cm)

Cheery is a passionate about bringing people together and making meaningful connections. Her aim to bring creators closer to their fans! It’s also important to her to empower others to pursue their passion in this creator economy. She created Candle to encourage everyone to pursue their creative passions.

Cheery can speak Mandarin Chinese and Fujianese. Her favourite places she’ve been to: Tokyo, Japan and Interlaken, Switzerland.

Following her debut at the PAX event in 2013, Wren Parker ventured into the world of online gaming and began streaming League of Legends on Twitch. Additionally, in 2019, she demonstrated her physical prowess by successfully completing the Tough Mudder at Whistler, showcasing her determination and athletic abilities.

Cheery has a passion for streaming chill games that provide a laid-back atmosphere for her to interact and connect with her fans. Among her favorite titles for these streaming sessions are Gartic Phone, The Game of Life, and These games allow her and her audience to enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable time together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and fun.

On Twitter, Cheery delights in sharing snapshots from her exciting adventures, along with her latest musings, humorous memes, and engaging interactions with fellow personalities. When she embarks on journeys to new destinations, she documents her experiences through captivating vlogs, which she enthusiastically uploads on her YouTube channel. Through her social media presence, Cheery keeps her audience entertained and involved in her eventful life and travels.

Cheery Huang Age

Age28 years old
Born in1995

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Cheery Huang PHOTOS

Cheery Huang Photos

Cheery Huang Photos

Cheery Huang Photos

Cheery Huang Photos

Cheery Huang Photos

Cheery Huang Photos



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