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Mykie (Glam & Gore)

Mykie is an American makeup artist, YouTuber & beauty influencer

On her YouTube channel “Glam&Gore,” Mykie shares a diverse range of content that includes beauty and special effects makeup tutorials, captivating challenges, intriguing stories, and even adventurous ghost-hunting expeditions. Her channel serves as a platform for showcasing her expertise in makeup artistry while also providing entertainment and engaging experiences for her audience.

Mykie (Glam & Gore) WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Mykie
Real Name Lauren Mychal
Profession Makeup artist and YouTuber
Birthday November 1
Zodiac Scorpio
Gender Female
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality American
Height 5’5” or 165 cm
Boyfriend Anthony Padilla (Youtuber)

Mykie’s passion for makeup dates back to her childhood, where she would eagerly experiment with different looks even during her school days. Driven by her aspirations to work in the movie industry, she took it upon herself to learn the fundamentals of makeup artistry and eventually delved into the world of Special FX makeup. Following her graduation from film school, she made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles in pursuit of employment opportunities within the realm of movie sets.

Her journey reflects her determination to turn her love for makeup into a career in the entertainment industry.

In 2014, Mykie established her YouTube channel with the primary intention of creating a portfolio, while simultaneously working as a freelance makeup artist. Initially, she began by sharing a few makeup tutorials on her channel, gradually gaining recognition. Additionally, Mykie actively participated in Instagram challenges, such as the popular #100daysofmakeup, further showcasing her creative skills and engaging with a wider audience.

Her channel served as a platform for her artistic expression and contributed to her growing presence in the makeup community.

She was named a Beauty Vlogger of the Year by NYX FACE Awards in 2015. She received more than 2 million votes.

Her innovative videos have earned her millions of fans and followers across various social media platforms. The American makeup artist is a fun-loving woman in real life. She is funny, crazy, and bold. She loves traveling and exploring new places. She also loves to experiment with different makeup products that she buys while travelling across the globe.

Mykie exhibits a strong affinity for the DC Universe character Harley Quinn, as evidenced by her frequent cosplay portrayals of various versions of the character. The release of the Suicide Squad movie in 2015 sparked significant discussions among fans, particularly regarding the unique tattoos adorning the character of Joker. Many people were curious about the origins and symbolism behind the specific tattoo designs showcased in the film.

In 2020, Mykie’s name was brought up in a video by Spankie Valentine, a former friend, who made accusations against her, alleging racist and homophobic behavior. The incident sparked significant attention and led to discussions within the online community regarding the allegations made against Mykie.

Although Mykie apologized for her words many times, her fans didn’t see her the same again.

Mykie (Glam & Gore) Age

Age34 years old
Born in1989

Mykie (Glam & Gore) Video

Mykie (Glam & Gore) PHOTOS

Mykie (Glam & Gore) Photos

Mykie (Glam & Gore) Photos

Mykie (Glam & Gore) Photos

Mykie (Glam & Gore) Photos

Mykie (Glam & Gore) Photos

Mykie (Glam & Gore) Photos

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