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Jack Morris

Jack Morris is self-taught photographer, influencer & entrepreneur, born in the UK & residing in Bali.

Jack Morris has gained widespread recognition for sharing his travel tips and captivating photos on social media. He is widely known by the moniker “DoYouTravel” on various platforms. Through his stunning imagery and valuable insights, he has amassed a large following of travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers from around the world.

Jack Morris WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Jack Morris
Real Name Jack Morris
Profession Photographer and influencer
Birthday October 10
Zodiac Libra
Gender Male
Birthplace England
Nationality English
Spouse Lauren Bullen

From a young age of 9, Jack Morris discovered his passion for photography and videography. Enamored by the beauty of captivating images and video shots, he aspired to create his own. Encouraged by his parents, who supported his dreams, they gifted him an old VHS camera on his birthday. From that day onwards, Jack’s camera became his constant companion, and he would eagerly capture even the most seemingly insignificant moments, cherishing them as valuable learning experiences in his newfound hobby. Though photography was just a word to him back then, those early moments laid the foundation for his lifelong passion and journey in the world of visual storytelling.

Before he entered into the wonderful world of travel, Jack was originally a carpet cleaner from Manchester. Now, he travels the world and captures stunning photography of landscapes, animals and wildlife.

After launching DoYouTravel, Jack Morris resumed his travels for leisure, capturing photos and connecting with new people along the way. To his surprise, people started reaching out to him, expressing their appreciation and urging him to share more of his adventures. It was at this point that Jack realized the potential of his passion and decided to enhance his skills in photography and editing.

Given that travel photography was not as popular as it is now, there were no established guidelines or handbooks available at the time. Undeterred, Jack delved into the process of honing his craft, experimenting with different techniques, and learning how to capture the perfect shots during his travels. This journey of self-improvement paved the way for him to become a prominent figure in the world of travel photography.

Despite his individual success, Jack Morris openly acknowledged that he had company on most of his travels. During a visit to Fiji in 2016, he crossed paths with Lauren Bullen, who would later become his girlfriend. Both of them were solo travelers, and they found solace in each other’s company, sharing stories and experiences. This led to a decision to travel together for a while, and their bond deepened, culminating in a romantic relationship.

Lauren Bullen was also an Instagram influencer, which proved to be advantageous for both of them. Given their shared passion for photography, they often assisted each other in capturing the perfect shots, and this collaboration elevated the quality of their content. As both of them were posting their photos on Instagram, their combined earnings allowed them to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Their partnership not only strengthened their relationship but also contributed significantly to their individual careers as travel influencers, making them a well-known and admired duo in the realm of social media travel content.

In 2021, after being together for five years, Jack and Lauren made the difficult decision to announce their breakup. Reflecting on their time together, Jack shared that his relentless pursuit of capturing the perfect picture sometimes overshadowed the joy of experiencing the moments for himself. The pressure to always deliver the best content made the whole experience feel more like a job than a source of genuine pleasure. As a result, they both recognized the need to focus on rediscovering themselves and finding happiness beyond their social media personas. Despite their breakup, both of them remain respected figures in the world of travel photography and continue to pursue their individual passions and adventures.

Jack also has his own YouTube channel where he uploads vlog style videos of his many adventures.

After building an audience into the millions & creating content that is viewed by millions each month, he’ve been fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading brands such as:

DJI, Land Rover, Binance, Disney, Call Of Duty, Chopard, Omega, Panerai, American Express, Tiffany & Co, Beats By Dre, LG, Aorus, Singapore Air, Air NZ, Huawei, Uber, AirBnb, Saba Italia,, Aperol Spritz, Four Seasons, Conrad, Ritz Carlton, Paige, Sony, Penny skateboards, Lonely Planet, Hertz, Royal Caribbean, numerous tourism boards such as Switzerland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fiji, Indonesia, Montana, Montenegro, KSA, Australia, & many more.

Jack Morris Age

Age33 years old
Born in1990

Jack Morris PHOTOS

Jack Morris Photos

Jack Morris Photos

Jack Morris Photos

Jack Morris Photos

Jack Morris Photos

Jack Morris Photos



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