Glue Guns & Roses Youtube DIY Videos

Glue Guns & Roses is an active American YouTube channel operated by Megan. Established in 2012, the channel remains active and has expanded its presence to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Megan is widely recognized as an authority on budget-friendly do-it-yourself hacks, sharing her expertise and creative ideas with her audience.

Megan established her channel with a mission to inspire individuals to create their own decorations and other items rather than relying on store-bought alternatives. Throughout her journey, Megan has been accustomed to sourcing supplies from Dollar Tree, recognizing it as a convenient and cost-effective option. By sharing her experiences and expertise, she encourages others to explore their creativity and embrace the joy of DIY projects.

One of Megan’s most popular videos, titled “20 High-End Dollar Tree DIY Room Décor Ideas To Try,” has garnered immense attention, accumulating over 4 million views. This particular video showcases innovative and stylish room décor ideas that can be achieved using affordable supplies from Dollar Tree. The popularity of this video demonstrates Megan’s ability to captivate and inspire her viewers with budget-friendly yet impressive DIY projects.

5 EXTREMELY EASY (not cheesy) Dollar Tree DIYs that look high-end

20 HIGH END Dollar Tree DIY Room Decor Ideas to try!


5 Extremely EASY DIY Room Decor Thrift Flips

15 GENIUS POOL NOODLE Hacks Everyone Should Know! (seriously)

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