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Lauren Godwin

Lauren Godwin is an American social media Influencer, Actress , YouTuber and TikToker

Lauren Godwin initiated her online presence by sharing content on during her high school years, before the platform transformed into what is now known as TikTok. She gained prominence by uploading comedic and amusing sketch videos, showcasing her talent for humor on this popular video-sharing platform.

Lauren Godwin WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Lauren Godwin
Real Name Lauren Godwin
Profession Actress, model and social influencer
Birthday February 21
Zodiac Pisces
Gender Female
Birthplace Houston, Texas, USA
Nationality American
Parents Christopher and D’Ann
Partner Sebastian Bails

In addition to her amusing content on TikTok, Lauren extends her comedic prowess to her self-titled YouTube channel, where she shares hilarious videos. Prior to attaining fame, her social media journey began with her first tweet in October 2012, which humorously read, “@justinbieber I.”

Lauren is known for her colorful looks and hair; the actress owns more than 50 wigs.

She has posted photos with her mother on Instagram. She was in a relationship with Sebastian Bails for three years.

Lauren’s talent for creating viral content is evident in the challenges she takes on, such as the #JuJuOnTheBeat and #UNameItChallenge. These challenges have garnered widespread attention and propelled her into the realm of internet stardom. With over 30.1 million fans on her TikTok account, her following continues to grow steadily with each passing week.

Lauren’s YouTube channel is a treasure trove of entertaining content, encompassing pranks, behind-the-scenes glimpses from her TikTok videos, and snippets from her personal life. Among her most popular videos is the prank titled ‘I HAVE A TWIN SISTER PRANK ON BOYFRIEND!! HILARIOUS‘, where she ingeniously convinces her boyfriend that she possesses a twin sister named Lola, leading to hilarious reactions and moments of laughter.

In recognition of her immense popularity on the app (now known as TikTok), Lauren received a nomination for Muser of the Year at the 2016 Shorty Awards in 2018. This prestigious nomination served as a testament to her influential presence and engaging content on the platform.

Lauren Godwin Age

Age23 years old
Born in2000

Lauren Godwin Video

Lauren Godwin PHOTOS

Lauren Godwin Photos

Lauren Godwin Photos

Lauren Godwin Photos

Lauren Godwin Photos

Lauren Godwin Photos

Lauren Godwin Photos

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