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Tara Whiteman (Tara Milk Tea)

Tara Whiteman an Australian blogger who specializes in fashion, food, and travel content.

Tara Whiteman is more widely recognized by her Instagram handle ‘Tara Milk Tea,’ boasting a following of over 1.5 million fans. She is dedicated to documenting her daily lifestyle, primarily centered around her latest travel adventures.

Tara Whiteman WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Tara Milk Tea
Real Name Tara Whiteman
Birthday August 19
Zodiac Leo
Gender Female
Birthplace Sydney, Australia
Nationality Australian
Qualification Honours (University of New South Wales)

Tara Whiteman captures her experiences through vibrant images that showcase food, places, and people. Tara’s photography is characterized by a kaleidoscope of colors as she explores some of the most beautiful and vibrant locations worldwide.

Tara Whiteman has a specific focus on travel, food, and lifestyle content, collaborating with clients across various industries, including notable names such as Canon and Tiffany & Co. Additionally, she has been a part of Qantas‘ exclusive Q Collective team since 2016.

Tara Whiteman started her journey in photography in 2010 when she received her first digital camera. She initially began capturing everyday objects. In 2013, she secured a design internship with a small fashion label where she actively contributed to managing their social media.

Tara Whiteman has consistently aimed to live life to the fullest and create her own happiness. This philosophy has led her to pursue entrepreneurial roles and follow her passions from a young age. With a substantial online audience exceeding one million people, she aspires to inspire others to do the same.

Tara Whiteman (Tara Milk Tea) Age

Age29 years old
Born in1994

Tara Whiteman (Tara Milk Tea) PHOTOS

Tara Whiteman (Tara Milk Tea) Photos

Tara Whiteman (Tara Milk Tea) Photos

Tara Whiteman (Tara Milk Tea) Photos

Tara Whiteman (Tara Milk Tea) Photos

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