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Tia Chhoeng

Tia Chhoeng is an Australian model, candid photographer, portrait artist (pencil and digital) & influencer.

Tia Chhoeng is a radiant and confident Cambodian-Australian woman. Tia Chhoeng, a captivating model and talented writer, resides in Queensland, Australia. She embraces a diverse range of creative pursuits, identifying herself as an actor, extra, photographer, and fashion stylist. Her multifaceted skills and versatile approach allow her to excel in various aspects of the artistic realm.

Tia Chhoeng WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Tia Chhoeng
Real Name Tia Chhoeng
Profession Model, writer, fashion stylist & influencer
Gender Female
Birthplace Gold Coast, Australia
Nationality Cambodian – Australian
Height 5′ 5″

Tia Chhoeng embodies an exquisite blend of elegance, humor, beauty, and remarkable humility. Her classy demeanor, infectious sense of humor, and undeniable beauty are matched only by her down-to-earth and modest nature.

According to Tia Chhoeng “I am not the type of person who stays in comfort zone. I take risks and make mistakes. Challenges and adventures got me here and I am grateful for my experiences. I am the woman I dreamed to be. I love the decisions I have made. People I have kept and ditched along the way. There’s no one telling me what to do and who I should be anymore. The people I have now are loving, supportive and kind friends who have been there for me whether they are near or far. I am in charge of my own happiness, so are you of yours. ”

Tia Chhoeng Age

Age30 years old
Born in1993

Tia Chhoeng Video

Tia Chhoeng PHOTOS

Tia Chhoeng Photos

Tia Chhoeng Photos

Tia Chhoeng Photos

Tia Chhoeng Photos

Tia Chhoeng Photos

Tia Chhoeng Photos



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