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Sarah Sarosh

Sarah Sarosh is an Indian makeup artist and skincare enthusiast, along with being an occupational therapist, content creator, and the founder of Impulse Coffees.

Sarah Sarosh began creating unfiltered beauty content while in medical college back in 2017. She has played a significant role in normalizing the narrative for women with deeper complexions and blemishes. Sarah is passionate about crafting relatable content, particularly through her lifestyle vlogs on YouTube. Her influence extends to collaborations with notable brands like L’Oreal, Lakme, and Estee Lauder in various campaigns.

Sarah Sarosh WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Sarah Sarosh
Real Name Sarah Sarosh
Profession Makeup artist, skincare & content creator
Birthday January 29
Zodiac Aquarius
Gender Female
Birthplace Mumbai, Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Height 5′ 8″
Parents Anwar Sarosh, Sabiha Sarosh

Sarah Sarosh began making YouTube videos to give honest reviews about beauty products and share useful advice on how to use them for different needs. She also creates stylish fashion videos, showcasing her unique style and lifestyle choices. She’s become a notable figure in the beauty and fashion world.

In 2023, she launched her own clothing brand and decided to promote it through social media. To showcase her clothing styles, she created nine short videos on social media, each focusing on a specific color symbolizing the Navratri festival. In these videos, she featured her clothing styles and collaborated with various creators from different fields.

Sarah Sarosh Age

Age24 years old
Born in1999

Sarah Sarosh Video

Sarah Sarosh PHOTOS

Sarah Sarosh Photos

Sarah Sarosh Photos

Sarah Sarosh Photos

Sarah Sarosh Photos



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