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Djellza Isma

Djellza Isma is a makeup artist and social media influencer from Germany.

Djellza Isma is a makeup artist who is professional, passionate, hardworking, and a perfectionist. She loves makeup and has a natural talent for art and color. Being self-taught, Djellza Isma immersed herself in makeup tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. She learned new techniques, experimented with them, and shared her creative expressions with the world.

Djellza Isma WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Djellza Isma
Real Name Djellza Isma
Profession Makeup artist
Gender Female
Birthplace Kosovo
Nationality German

Djellza Isma chose to enhance her makeup skills by attending the Plouise Makeup Academy in Manchester, England. Her talent stood out, surprising the academy with her presence. To further expand her knowledge and learn additional techniques, she also participated in a workshop with the renowned makeup artist from Kosovo, “Dafine Neziri.”

In her career as a professional makeup artist specializing in bridal and video makeup, along with conducting educational workshops, Djellza Isma observed a lack of colors that perfectly match her makeup kit. She often found herself blending shades to achieve the ideal color. Despite encountering various cosmetic lines, she has harbored a desire to create her own line with colors that suit everyone.

Djellza Isma’s distinctive combination of creativity and expertise stands out in a competitive field. With her increasing number of followers and significant presence on both Instagram and TikTok, it’s evident that Djellza is making her mark as a well-known figure in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Djellza Isma Age

Age29 years old
Born in1994

Djellza Isma Video

Djellza Isma PHOTOS

Djellza Isma Photos

Djellza Isma Photos

Djellza Isma Photos

Djellza Isma Photos



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