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Saffi Karina

Saffi Karina is a British curvy, fashion model, Actress, Instagram star, & social media Influencer

Saffi Karina is a well-known English plus-size model who has actively contributed to promoting body positivity through her popular Instagram page. She has used her platform to encourage self-acceptance and to challenge traditional beauty standards. In addition to her online presence, Saffi Karina founded the Curve Project London, an initiative aimed at inspiring and empowering women to embrace size acceptance and body diversity.

Saffi Karina WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Saffi Karina
Real Name Saffi Karina
Profession Plus Size Model, & social media Influencer
Birthday October 17
Zodiac Libra
Gender Female
Birthplace England
Nationality British
Height 5′ 11″

Saffi Karina efforts in the realm of body positivity and self-acceptance have made a meaningful impact on many individuals.

Saffi Karina faced challenges earlier in her career, as she encountered pressure from the industry to conform to certain beauty standards. She received feedback to reduce her hip measurements and wear minimizing bras, reflecting the prevalent beauty ideals within the modeling industry. However, she has since used her experiences to advocate for body positivity and to challenge these unrealistic standards, becoming an influential figure in promoting size acceptance and self-confidence.

Saffi Karina serves as a brand ambassador for @afspnyc and @afspnational. She is also represented by the renowned modeling agency, IMG Models. Her role as a brand ambassador allows her to use her platform to support and raise awareness for important causes.

Saffi Karina enjoys a significant following on Instagram, with over 700,000 followers. In 2016, she celebrated Christmas by posting a special selfie with her mom, sharing a heartfelt moment with her audience on the platform. This kind of personal and relatable content can resonate with her followers and strengthen her connection with them.

Saffi Karina Age

Age37 years old
Born in1986

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Saffi Karina PHOTOS

Saffi Karina Photos

Saffi Karina Photos

Saffi Karina Photos

Saffi Karina Photos



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