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Starsmitten (Celine Cheung)

Celine Cheung, also known by her online alias starsmitten, is a Korean-American Twitch gaming live streamer & social influencer.

Starsmitten was born in South Korea, but her family moved to the United States when she was 4 years old. Celine’s Korean name is Min-jung and she is fluent in Korean. Starsmitten finished high school and graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Communications. After that, she started working for Phoenix 1, now known as Sentinels.

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Starsmitten
Real Name Celine Cheung, Min-jung
Profession Social media influencer
Birthday May 28
Zodiac Gemini
Gender Female
Birthplace South Korea
Nationality Korean-American
Height 5’2″
Hair Dark Brown
Qualification Northwestern University
Even though Starsmitten was a dedicated gamer during her young years. After finishing high school, Celine created a League of Legends account under the username smittenkitten. Her friends used to jokingly call her Cerine. When she started streaming, she created a twitch account Cerineity. She changed her name in 2018 first to StarsmittenCC and later, in the same year, to Starsmitten. On 2nd August 2018, Starsmitten became an official Twitch partner.

As time went on, Starsmitten expanded her content to encompass a diverse range of games, exploring popular titles like Apex Legends, until she ultimately discovered her new primary game, Valorant. Starsmitten shares personal photos and gaming highlights on her active Twitter account, engaging with her followers through a combination of personal moments and captivating gaming clips.

Starsmitten’s Instagram showcases a collection of carefully curated and high-quality photos and videos, offering her followers a glimpse into her refined world. On TikTok, she amuses her audience with an abundance of entertaining gaming clips, showcasing her unique style and humor. With two active YouTube channels, Starsmitten continues to engage and captivate her viewers with engaging content across different platforms.

She has two YouTube channels that are both active. One for vlogs and highlight videos and one for Twitch VODs. Some of her ome of favorite games are Digimon World, Spyro, Klonoa, Pokemon, MHW and more.

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) Age

Age29 years old
Born in1994

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) Video

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) PHOTOS

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) Photos

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) Photos

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) Photos

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) Photos

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) Photos

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) Photos

Starsmitten (Celine Cheung) SOCIAL LINKS


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