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Anna Nystrom

Anna Nystrom is a notable entrepreneur, model and influencer hailing from Sweden

Anna Nystrom always had a passion for creating. Since an early age Anna delved into sewing clothes, arts and photography, which led her to study design and fashion. Unfortunately a health matter forced her to quit her design studies and put her dreams on hold. This led her to take extra good care of her body and mind, and she started studying nutrition and training.

Anna Nystrom WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Anna Nystrom
Real Name Anna Nystrom
Profession model, entrepreneur & social influencer
Birthday June 19
Zodiac Gemini
Gender Female
Birthplace Stockholm, Sweden
Nationality Sweden
Height 5’1″

Anna Nystrom became a licensed personal trainer and quickly found a clever way to combine her creative side with this new found passion – social media.

By sharing her journey Anna could inspire other people out there to live a healthier lifestyle, which in turn motived her to keep aiming higher.

Anna also embarked on a career as a fitness model, collaborating with prestigious companies and brands such as Kapten & Son, Daniel Wellington, Belissas, SkinnyMint Tea, Workout Empire, and Lush.

With consistency, patience and hard work Anna steadily grew her account bigger throughout the years. Today she have an amazing community with millions of followers, running two companies and working with her social media platforms.

In 2018, Anna dream of creating and designing her own brand came to life. Workout clothes where elegance and fashion were also important factors, not only functionality. A unique material, soft colors with a minimalistic design. After two years of dedicated hard work, launched Ryvelle.

Anna Nystrom Age

Age31 years old
Born in1992

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