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Ravahere Silloux

Ravahere Silloux is a French model and social Influencer.

Ravahere Silloux, come from a mixed Tahitian, Chinese and German background. At 19, Ravahere went to study in France. When she was 20, she took a humanitarian trip to Togo. And she became attached to Africa where she continued her studies in Senegal then in Ivory Coast.

Ravahere Silloux WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Ravahere Silloux
Real Name Ravahere Silloux
Profession Fashion model and influencer
Birthday July 23
Zodiac Leo
Gender Female
Nationality French
Height 5’6″ (167 cm)
Crush Kilian M’BAPPÉ

Ravahere Silloux is a globetrotter! She had the chance to discover several countries such as Togo, Gabon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Lebanon. She went to meet enriching cultures completely different from her. She learned to see how others lived and thought, without judgment. And these trips were a real school of life for her.

Ravahere have also been modeling since Tahiti Fashion Week in 2015. Then in Senegal and Ivory Coast where she collaborated with several African designers as a model as well.

She became the winner of the Miss Tahiti pageant on June 23, 2023, at the Mairie de Papeete in French Polynesia.

After winning the Miss Tahiti 2023 title, she became the first contestant to secure a spot in the Miss France 2024 competition.

In recent years, She have been involved in different associations (in the environment, health, in favor of sick children and the most deprived). She have lived in several countries and she have developed a certain adaptability and open-mindedness.

She Love birthday cakes, Coconut milk and the eclectic type of music.

Ravahere Silloux Age

Age25 years old
Born in1998

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Ravahere Silloux PHOTOS

Ravahere Silloux Photos

Ravahere Silloux Photos

Ravahere Silloux Photos

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