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CJ So Cool

CJ So Cool is an American Rapper and a Youtuber.

CJ So Cool is a YouTube sensation known for his reaction videos as well as his pranks and challenges, which typically involve his children. He refers to his subscribers as the Wolfpack and Cool Kids, as heard in his catchphrase “What’s happening Wolfpack and Cool Kids?” He created his YouTube channel on December 24, 2014. He previously worked as a casino craps, blackjack, and poker dealer.


Stage Name CJ So Cool
Real Name Cordero James Brady
Profession YouTuber and Rapper
Birthday March 29
Zodiac Aries
Gender Male
Birthplace Gary, IN
Nationality American

He is popular online as CJ SO COOL. His brother Jinx is also a YouTuber, and Charlene Young is popularly known as Royalty, his wife, often seen in his videos. CJ SO COOL has more than 5.9 million subscribers on his youtube channel and mentions them as wolfpack. CJ has more than 1.8 billion views on his youtube channel. His video categories range from pranks to challenges to reactions. He is often seen with his family in his videos. He has music videos with his wife, Royalty, in his music career.

CJ releases one or two videos per week on average on his YouTube channel. He has collaborated with CJ_ON_32s and Jinx on a few of their videos. In 2015, CJ So Cool g ot in controversy and criticism from other YouTubers. He was accused of stealing the videos that he used to react on. Even famous YouTuber Pewdiepie has criticized him on one of his videos. CJ’s channel was once hacked on February 20, 2016. CJ claims that that hack deleted all of his 1,033 videos.

Through hard work, the YouTube star has grown his career, even with a rough background. Brady’s father was imprisoned when he was young. His mother was battling drug addiction at the same time. His maternal grandmother adopted him. They faced poverty as she was a gambling addict who worked for a minimum wage at a local hotel. However, although he had a rough past, his story inspires many through the videos he does on YouTube.

Brady is grateful for how far he has come. Even though he has a rough childhood and beginning, he focuses on being positive and spreading this vibe to his fans and supporters.

CJ So Cool Age

Age34 years old
Born in1989


CJ So Cool Photos

CJ So Cool Photos

CJ So Cool Photos

CJ So Cool Photos

CJ So Cool Photos



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