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Rola (Eri Sato)

Rola is a multiracial Japanese fashion model, TV personality, actress, singer & Soical influencer.

Rola is known for her colorful personality and distinct style in Japan as well as internationally. She has covered numerous fashion magazines and continues to ‘wow’ her fans with her various looks. Her taste in fashion and production of fashion books, etc. are highly regarded in the entertainment and fashion industries.

Rola (Eri Sato) WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Rola
Real Name Eri Sato
Profession Model, TV personality, actress, singer
Birthday March 30
Zodiac Aries
Gender Female
Birthplace Tama, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Height 5′ 4″
Parents Jurip Al-Asa

Rola’s diverse heritage is a beautiful blend of cultures. Her mother, Japanese with a quarter Russian heritage, and her father, Bangladeshi, have contributed to her unique and multi-faceted background. This rich combination of Japanese, Russian, and Bangladeshi roots adds depth and richness to Rola’s identity.

Since 2011, Rola has also become widely known as a tarento (TV personality) appearing on Japanese television regularly and has one of the largest social media followings for a Japanese celebrity. Rola is represented by the management agency Libera.

As a model, she is known for her regular appearances in the Japanese fashion magazine Vivi and in numerous commercials.

Having made a notable presence in Japan’s Popteen magazine, Rola expanded her reach in the fashion industry by gracing the pages of Vivi magazine starting in 2008. Since then, she has been actively involved in runway modeling, captivating audiences with her unique style. Rola has made multiple appearances in renowned fashion shows like Tokyo Girls Collection, Shibuya Girls Collection, and Girls Award, further solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the fashion world.

In the vibrant world of fashion, Rola achieved a significant milestone when she graced the cover of Vivi magazine for the first time in the August 2012 edition. Coinciding with this momentous occasion, her debut fashion book, titled “The Rola!!,” was published in the same month. This publication marked her venture into the realm of authorship, sharing her unique fashion perspective with her dedicated audience.

Not content with just one fashion book, Rola added another gem to her collection. In June 2014, she released “Rola’s Closet,” a captivating publication featuring photographs captured by Rola herself, showcasing her keen eye for style. These snapshots were curated from her personal collection on the popular photo-sharing service, Instagram, adding a touch of authenticity and personal flair to the book.

In August 2014, she began modelling for the fashion brand Beams, making her first appearance in the brand’s 2014 autumn/winter catalogue.

Rola’s career as a television personality in Japan began in June 2010 when she made her first appearance on Nihon TV’s variety show Shabekuri 007 alongside fellow models Lena Fujii and Mitsuki Oishi.

Rola was named the number four “rising TV-star in 2011”, with 200 appearances on Japanese TV shows.

She appeared as a weekly regular on Fuji TV’s Waratte Iitomo! variety show from April 2012 until the program ended in March 2014.

Music Jouney

October 2011 marked a significant turning point in Rola’s career, as she made her foray into the music industry as a featured vocalist on the song “I hate u” by Issa (of Da Pump) and SoulJa. This marked her debut in the musical realm, showcasing her versatile talents.

Her solo musical journey began in July 2012 when she released her first solo single titled “Memories.” This captivating track served as the theme song for the Pokémon anime film “Kyurem vs. the Sacred Swordsman: Keldeo,” in which Rola also made a cameo voice appearance. The single soared to the 14th position on the Oricon Chart within its first week of release, a testament to Rola’s growing prominence as a solo artist.

In September 2012, Rola had a chance encounter with Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen during Jepsen’s visit to Tokyo. This meeting followed Rola’s own lip-dub rendition of Jepsen’s hit song “Call Me Maybe.” Inspired by the encounter, Rola expressed her determination to master the English language, recognizing its potential to broaden her horizons and further propel her career forward.

Personal brand

In 2013, Rola launched a brand of fragrances called “Vasilisa”. She has two perfumes, and five body mists.


  • On August 23, 2012, Rola released her first fashion book, called The Rola.
  • On June 26, 2014, Rola released her second fashion book, called Rola’s Closet.
  • On November 30, 2015, Rola released her first recipe book, called Rola’s Kitchen.


  • 2016 – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as soldier COBALT.
  • 2019 – Downtown no Gaki no Tuskai: New Years 2019 No Laughing Treasure Hunter as Spirit Medium Rola


  • 29th Japan Jeans Conventions Best “Jeanist” Awards: Elected by Committee Category [2012]
  • 17th Japan Nailist Association Nail Queen Awards: Tarento Category [2012]
  • 10th “The Best of Beauty Awards”: Twenties Category [2013]
  • 30th Japan Jeans Conventions Best “Jeanist” Awards: Elected by General Public Category [2013]
  • 31st Japan Jeans Conventions Best “Jeanist” Awards: Elected by General Public Category[2014]
  • 19th Japan Nailist Association Nail Queen Awards: Tarento Category[2014]
  • Cookpad Award 2015: Best Cook [2015]

Rola is popular on Instagram, where she actively posts her modelling photographs, and product reviews. YSLBeauty, Louis Vuitton, and Stella McCartney are high-end brands that chose her to be their ambassador.

In recent years, Rola has become an advocate for healthy living, fitness, and organic food. She also raises awareness on environmental issues, like rainforest destruction.

Rola (Eri Sato) Age

Age33 years old
Born in1990

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Rola (Eri Sato) PHOTOS

Rola (Eri Sato) Photos

Rola (Eri Sato) Photos

Rola (Eri Sato) Photos

Rola (Eri Sato) Photos

Rola (Eri Sato) Photos

Rola (Eri Sato) Photos

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