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Karen Kavett

Karen Kavett is an American video producer, DIY influencer known for her craft and puzzle-related content on social media.

Karen Kavett regularly shares new do-it-yourself (DIY) projects on platforms like YouTube and Facebook on a weekly basis. Additionally, she creates DIY videos for HGTV.

Karen Kavett WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Karen Kavett
Real Name Karen Kavett
Profession video producer, DIY influencer
Birthday December 31
Zodiac Capricorn
Gender Female
Birthplace New Jersey, United States
Nationality American
Qualification Graduated (Rhode Island School of Design)

She previously held a role as a visual designer for YouTube/Google, where she contributed to the development of various creator tools on the platform. Her work encompassed projects such as Video Manager, Dashboard, Upload, Annotations Editor, and the YouTube email template.

Karen attended a high school with a strong focus on design, where her journey with design began as a freshman when she learned to use Photoshop. This early exposure captivated her, leading her to dedicate substantial time to honing her design skills, often practicing after school. Her passion for design led her to pursue formal education in the field during college, where she received a comprehensive design education.

Karen has been actively creating videos on YouTube since 2008, and her content has undergone various transformations over the years. Presently, her primary focus is on crafting do-it-yourself (DIY) videos. Her YouTube channel has accumulated an impressive over 25 million views. Furthermore, she shares her DIY content on her rapidly expanding Facebook page, “Karen Kavett DIY,” which currently boasts over 80,000 likes.

In her role as the community manager for the YouTube channel, Karen takes on a diverse set of responsibilities. She not only produces and edits her own videos but also extends her expertise to editing videos for some of the other contributors. Additionally, she manages the graphic design work for the channel and oversees the daily operations, including tasks such as moderating comments and curating playlists. Her multi-faceted involvement ensures the smooth and engaging functioning of the channel.

Karen Kavett Age

Age33 years old
Born in1990

Karen Kavett Video

Karen Kavett PHOTOS

Karen Kavett Photos

Karen Kavett Photos

Karen Kavett Photos

Karen Kavett Photos



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