Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) Social Influencer Wiki Bio Age Photos videos

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha)

Kanticha Chumma, nicknamed Ticha, is a Thai actress, dancer and model

Kanticha Chumma has become a prominent figure in Thailand due to her impressive win as the best model in the reality show, The Face Thailand Season 2. Since then, she has participated in various television dramas and modelled for several shows. She is also a dancer, and in early 2023, she performed at the Watsons Health, Wellness, and Beauty Awards.

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Ticha Kanticha
Real Name Kanticha Chumma
Profession Actress, model and social influencer
Birthday February 19
Zodiac Pisces
Gender Female
Birthplace Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
Nationality Thailand
Height 5″ 54′ or 1.67 m
School Satree Phuket School

However, Kanticha influence extends beyond the modelling industry, and she has become an advocate for sex education and challenged social norms in Thailand.

On November 11, Ticha started a YouTube channel and launched a series of videos called “I Kan Teacha,” where she talks about sex and sex education. Through her channel, Ticha aims to promote sex positivity and eliminate the stigma surrounding the topic in Thai society.

On her YouTube channel, Ticha has invited a range of notable Thai celebrities, doctors, and specialists as guests, including her own sibling and mother. Together, they fearlessly delve into discussions that touch upon sensitive subjects often regarded as taboo or stigmatized in Thai society, such as sex, sexually transmitted diseases, and other related topics.

By sharing personal experiences and exchanging intriguing facts, they aim to break down barriers and foster a more open and informed dialogue surrounding these important matters. Ticha’s channel serves as a platform to challenge societal norms and provide valuable insights for her viewers.

Ticha made an exciting appearance on the Thaiger Podcast, joining The Thaiger media team as a guest. During the podcast, she shared her personal story, highlighting the transformative journey she embarked on to challenge and break stereotypes associated with Thai actresses.

Ticha also delved into how she effectively utilizes her platform to educate Thai youths about the importance of sex education, addressing a topic that is often shrouded in silence and misunderstanding.

Additionally, she unveiled her new product, introducing listeners to an exciting venture that showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to making a positive impact.

Through her participation in the Thaiger Podcast, Ticha shared valuable insights, inspiring others with her empowering story and commitment to creating positive change within Thai society.

Kanticha Chumma is known for S.W.A.T. (2017), The Mind Game (2021) and Strange Girl in a Strange Land (2019).

She is also known for her roles in Strange Girl in a Strange Land and A Waiting Bride.

In addition to her entertainment career, Ticha is also a smart business women and a shareholder in Pastel Bangkok, one of the best rooftop bars in Bangkok.

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) Age

Age28 years old
Born in1995

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) PHOTOS

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) Photos

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) Photos

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) Photos

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) Photos

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) Photos

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) Photos

Kanticha Chumma (Ticha Kanticha) SOCIAL LINKS


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