Best movies of 2023: Our Picks for the 5 Must-See Films of the Year

Best movies of 2023: Our Picks for the 5 Must-See Films of the Year
Best movies of 2023: Our Picks for the 5 Must-See Films of the Year

The Best movies of 2023 cover a wide range, including gripping dramas, potential blockbuster hits that missed the mark, and understated yet flawless glimpses into everyday life. Some are big-budget films aiming for prestigious awards, while others are unique personal projects reflecting the individuality of their creators. In a few exciting instances, they manage to be both. This year’s list includes films that explore existential questions, offer thrilling stories with depth, evoke strong emotions, and capture moments of beauty. The rankings go from great to even better. 

Movies in 2023 were also notably lengthy, with a significant portion of the year’s most popular and discussed releases being quite long. It became a common occurrence, even for those not typically critical of films, to casually mention heading out to watch a three-hour movie. Enjoy watching!

Anatomy of a Fall (2023)

Anatomy of a Fall (2023)

Release DateAugust 23, 2023
Star CastSandra Hüller, Swann Arlaud, Milo Machado-Graner, Antoine Reinartz, Samuel Theis, Jehnny Beth, Saadia Bentaieb, Camille Rutherford, Anne Rotger, Sophie Fillières
Box Office$18.1 million (Aprox)
Running Time152 minutes

“Anatomy of a Fall,” a 2023 mystery thriller, plunges into the hidden secrets of what appeared to be a flawless marriage.

Imagine a quiet mountain chalet nestled in the French Alps. Inside, acclaimed novelist Sandra (played by Sandra Hüller) and her charming musician husband, Leo (portrayed by Denis Ménochet), are enjoying a peaceful retreat. However, their perfect getaway takes a dark turn when Leo is discovered dead, suspected of being murdered.

Sandra finds herself at the center of suspicion and grief, becoming the prime suspect. As she pieces together the events leading to Leo’s death, she unravels a tangled web of hidden resentments, infidelity, and long-held grudges lurking beneath the surface of their seemingly ideal relationship.

Their blind son, Elias (played by Gustav Lindh), emerges as a crucial witness torn between love for his mother and the truth about his father’s demise. His impaired vision adds complexity to the investigation, as his perceptions may not be entirely reliable.

As the inquiry unfolds, Sandra confronts her own demons and the fractures in her marriage. Was Leo truly the loving husband he portrayed to the world? Was their relationship built on lies? And crucially, is Sandra capable of murder?

“Anatomy of a Fall” goes beyond a simple mystery; it’s a psychological exploration of love, betrayal, and the delicate boundary between truth and deception. The film keeps you guessing until the end, challenging your understanding of the characters and their relationships.

Oppenheimer (2023)

Oppenheimer (2023)

Release DateJuly 11, 2023
Star CastCillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Josh Hartnett, Casey Affleck, Rami Malek, Kenneth Branagh
Box Office$900.9 million (Aprox)
Running Time180 minutes

“Oppenheimer,” the 2023 biopic directed by Christopher Nolan, unfolds the gripping tale of J. Robert Oppenheimer, renowned as the “father of the atomic bomb.”

Picture a brilliant scientist akin to a real-life Tony Stark. However, instead of crafting Iron Man, Oppenheimer forges the most devastating weapon humanity has ever known. His journey is one marked by remarkable achievements and profound moral dilemmas.

The movie traces Oppenheimer’s life, from his early days as a promising physicist to his leadership of the Manhattan Project—a covert initiative developing the atomic bomb during World War II. It delves into his struggles with the immense responsibility he bears, recognizing that his work could both save countless lives and unleash unimaginable destruction.

“Oppenheimer” isn’t merely a historical drama; it’s an intimate exploration of the man himself. We witness his ambitions, brilliance, flaws, and ultimate regret. The film prompts crucial reflections on the essence of science, the ethics surrounding war, and the accountability that comes with wielding such immense power.

Barbie (2023)

Barbie (2023)

Release DateJuly 21, 2023
Star CastMargot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, Rhea Perlman, Will Ferrell
Box Office$1.400 billion (Aprox)
Running Time114 minutes

Barbie, the super-popular doll, feels a bit stuck in a world that seems perfect but is a bit dull. She has everything a girl could wish for – lots of pink stuff, endless outfits, and Ken by her side. Yet, something is missing: she doesn’t know who she truly is or what she wants to do.

One day, Barbie gets kicked out of Barbieland for being “too different” (gasp!). Suddenly, she’s thrown into the messy, unpredictable human world. It’s a total shock – cars honk, hair gets frizzy, and pizza tastes way better than plastic cupcakes!

Through funny adventures and unexpected friendships, Barbie starts to figure out the real her. She learns that being perfect isn’t always the best and that being different is actually awesome. She even encourages some of the humans to break away from their dull routines and embrace their true selves too.

In the end, Barbie finds her own path, realizing that her biggest adventure isn’t about fitting in but creating her own happiness. And perhaps, just maybe, she even changes the rules of Barbieland along the way!

Past Lives (2023)

Past Lives (2023)

Release DateJune 2, 2023
Star CastGreta Lee, Teo Yoo, John Magaro, Moon Seung-ah, Ji Hye Yoon
Box Office$20 million (Aprox)
Running Time106 minutes

In the movie “Past Lives,” two childhood best friends, Nora and Hae Sung (played by Greta Lee and Teo Yoo), have a strong bond in their hometown of Seoul, South Korea. Their lives change when Nora’s family moves to Toronto, and they lose contact over the years.

As adults, Nora (now known as Na Young) starts a new life in Canada, while Hae Sung stays in South Korea. But memories of their friendship linger. When they unexpectedly meet again, the film explores the emotions of years of yearning and missed chances.

The story dives into the challenges of love, loss, and the lasting impact of our earliest connections. It looks at the “what ifs” and regrets that come with the choices we make and the paths we don’t take.

“Past Lives” is a thoughtful and slow-paced movie that raises questions about fate, destiny, and the decisions that shape our lives. It’s a touching and reflective tale that will resonate with anyone who has pondered on the possibilities of what might have been.

The film is directed by Celine Song, a Korean-Canadian filmmaker making her feature debut.
It has been praised for its nuanced performances, beautiful cinematography, and emotionally resonant story.
The film is not a typical romantic comedy, but rather a more mature and introspective exploration of love and loss.

Poor Things (2023)

Poor Things (2023)

Release DateSeptember  1, 2023
Star CastEmma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe, Ramy Youssef, Christopher Abbott, Jerrod Carmichael
Box Office$740,000 (Aprox)
Running Time140 minutes

Victorian London, meet Frankenstein’s monster, but with a twist. Bella Baxter, a young woman brought back to life by eccentric scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter (Mark Ruffalo), isn’t your typical stitched-together creation. Sure, she has a patchwork of scars and a mischievous glint in her eye, but Bella’s mind starts from scratch, a blank slate in a world full of rules and expectations.

Think of her as a child trapped in a woman’s body, learning about everything for the first time – walking, talking, eating, even the wonders and woes of romance. Dr. Baxter, a bit of a mad scientist himself, takes her under his wing, educating her in the ways of the world. But Bella is no lab rat. She’s curious, adventurous, and fiercely independent. She soon realizes she doesn’t belong in the doctor’s gilded cage, and with the help of a dashing young lawyer named Max McCandles (Willem Dafoe), she escapes into the bustling streets of London.

What follows is a whirlwind of misadventures as Bella navigates this strange new world. She encounters all sorts of characters, from kind-hearted barmaids to scheming aristocrats, all while grappling with her own identity. Is she a monster? A woman? A creation? Bella’s journey is one of self-discovery, as she learns to embrace her unique talents and fight for her place in the world.

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