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Ruba Khan

Ruba Khan is a talented Indian actress, Instagram influencer and Model.

Ruba Khan embarked on her career journey as a model, where she swiftly gained prominence and earned widespread recognition. Her talents and unique charm garnered attention, establishing her as a prominent figure in the modeling industry. On her engaging Instagram page, Ruba Khan actively engages with her followers, providing amusement and entertainment through her captivating posts.


Stage Name Ruba Khan
Real Name Ruba Khan
Profession Actress, Model and Influencer
Birthday November 10
Zodiac Scorpio
Gender Female
Birthplace Panipat, Haryana
Nationality Indian
Height 5′ 5″
Qualification DAV International School, Panipat

With a deep-rooted passion for acting, Ruba frequently delights her audience by sharing lip-sync videos that showcase her remarkable acting skills. Through these videos, she effortlessly brings characters to life, captivating her viewers with her talent and expressive performances. Ruba Khan’s dedication to her craft shines through as she continues to explore her passion for acting on various platforms, leaving an indelible impression on her audience.

The fans of Ruba Khan wholeheartedly embrace and appreciate the delightful dancing videos and other engaging and entertaining content she shares. Through her captivating posts, Ruba Khan consistently manages to captivate her audience, leaving them thoroughly entertained. Her fans adore not only her wonderful material but also her endearing demeanor, which further enhances their connection with her. Ruba Khan’s ability to create a genuine and relatable bond with her followers has contributed to her widespread admiration and adoration in the digital sphere.

Ruba Khan has also appeared in music videos like Isa Chora, Shooter, Sandook, etc. Ruba Khan has also indulged in professional shoots as well. Ruba Khan is known for Pappu Ka Gher : Surender Romio & Ruchika Jangid (2023), Full Kharche (2022) and Khasa Aala Chahar: Mohtarma (2021).

Ruba Khan Age

Age27 years old
Born in1996

Ruba Khan Video

Ruba Khan PHOTOS

Ruba Khan Photos

Ruba Khan Photos

Ruba Khan Photos

Ruba Khan Photos

Ruba Khan Photos

Ruba Khan Photos



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