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Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez is an award winning personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, fitness, TV host, writer & social media Influencer.

Lyzabeth Lopez’s wealth of knowledge, infectious personality and passion for holistic living has earned her a dedicated following of fitness enthusiasts and highly a respected brand in the health and fitness industry. Over the past 15 years she have worked with and helped transform the bodies of 10’s of thousands of women.

Lyzabeth Lopez WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name Lyza
Real Name Lyzabeth Lopez
Profession Fitness instructor
Birthday March 1
Zodiac Pisces
Gender Female
Birthplace Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian

Lyzabeth Lopez Net Worth is approx US$ 550-700K.

Lyzabeth put her clients looking to lose weight on traditional resistance training programs 10-15 reps, 3-4 sets of each exercise with long duration cardio, and reduced calorie diets and or low-carb diets like she were taught to do.

Her mission to reduce the size of my legs, she stopped all lower body weight training to try to balance out my muscular pear shape and starting running 1-2 hours a day and became the ‘Cardio Queen’!

Lyzabeth Lopez social media has grown to well over 4.5 million followers just sharing her training tips & advice. The requests from around the world have been growing at a phenomenal rate.

During high school, Lyzabeth was the only girl who worked out in the gym. But she was given massive support from football players in her school, being encouraged and helped with her form.

In 1997, Lyzabeth had sculpted an aesthetic physique. She began teaching aerobics and gymnastics, never stopping developing her figure in the gym.

By 1999, Lyzabeth had sculpted an impressive figure. She was proud of her progress and made her debut in the 1999 WNSO competition.

By 2016, she had trained over 3000 women and become a fitness icon.

She is the creator of the Hourglass Workout. In January 2019 she welcomed her first child named Ty-Ty.

Lyzabeth Lopez certification

  • Kinesiology Diploma – George Brown College
  • Personal Trainer – ACE (American Council on Exercise)
  • RHN – Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, CSNN)
  • Pre/Post Natal Certification – Bellies Inc (in progress)
  • Personal Trainer Specialist (Can Fit Pro)
  • Advanced Mat Pilates – levels 1, 2 & 3 (Body Harmonics Pilates)
  • Biosignature Certified – (Charles Poliquin)
  • National Coaching Certification Level 3 – (National Coaching Certification Program, NCCP)
  • Gymnastics Coaching Level 3 – (International Gymnastics Federation, IGF)
  • Kettlebell Certification Level 1 – (Agatsu Sports Kettlebell Certification)
  • Health Sciences Diploma (Nutrition) – (Humber College)
  • Recreation & Leisure Services Diploma – (George Brown College)
  • Spinning Certification – (Shwinn)
  • Tabata Bootcamp Certification – (Mindy Myrel Tabata Bootcamp)
  • Fitness Instructor Specialist – (YMCA)
  • Fitness Instructor Specialist – (Can Fit Pro)
  • Sports Aerobics Certification – (Sports Aerobics Canada, SAC)
  • Ontario Fitness Certification – (Ontario Fitness Certification, OFC)
  • Functional Training Certification – (Dynamic Conditioning Centre, DCC)
  • Olympic Lifting Certification – (Dynamic Conditioning Centre, DCC)
  • Jump Rope Specialist Certification – Buddy Lee
  • Standardized Testing & Fitness Certification – STFA
  • Gliding Disc Certification – Mindy Myrel
  • Creator of the Hourglass Workout, created in 2007 (franchises world-wide)
  • Named Top 10 Fitness Influencer in the world by FORBES Magazine
  • Named Top Entrepreneur in Canada, SociaLight (Young Entrepreneurs)
  • Keynote speaker/ Speaker for various Entrepreneur Events & Youth Events
  • PRO Fitness Model, WBFF
  • PRO Fitness Model Champion, WNSO/FAME
  • PRO Fitness Champion, WNSO/FAME
  • Top Stagecoach (fitness and fitness model competitions)
  • Head Judge/Judge for various fitness, bodybuilding, fitness model and gymnastic federations)
  • First awarded Fitness Model in the history of the sport, 1998
  • First PRO Fitness Model in the history of the sport, 2003
  • Recognized as the #1 Fitness Model in Canada by Inside Fitness Magazine (Canada’s #1 Fitness Publication)
  • Voted best personal trainer in Toronto – BlogTO
  • Voted best workout in Toronto – BlogTO
  • Voted best trainer, WBFF
  • Voted best trainer, WNSO/FAME
  • Cover Model – various publications
  • Personal Trainer for over 20 years
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist for over 10 years
  • Youth Outreach Workout/ Recreationist for the City of Toronto for 10 years
  • Creator of the largest youth dance event in Canada (free for all youth)

Lyzabeth Lopez Age

Age42 years old
Born in1981

Lyzabeth Lopez PHOTOS

Lyzabeth Lopez Photos

Lyzabeth Lopez Photos

Lyzabeth Lopez Photos

Lyzabeth Lopez Photos

Lyzabeth Lopez Photos

Lyzabeth Lopez Photos

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