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ChiaraAsmrReal is an Italian YouTuber, streamer, and social influencer who creates ASMR and digital content.

Chiara, who is passionate about ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). ASMR is a relaxing shivering sensation that is triggered by specific auditory and visual stimuli. Chiara has turned her passion for ASMR into her profession, and she creates content where she whispers into microphones to provide a soothing and comforting experience for her viewers.

ChiaraAsmrReal WIKI (PROFILE)

Stage Name ChiaraAsmrReal
Real Name Jamie
Profession YouTuber, streamer, ASMR content & chatting
Birthday December 22
Zodiac Capricorn
Gender Female
Birthplace Italy
Nationality Italian
Height 5′ 6″ or 166cm
Book The power of a whisper

Chiara holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology. She has also authored “The Power of a Whisper,” which is the first book on ASMR in Italy. In the book, Chiara discusses ASMR comprehensively, exploring its scientific basis and sharing secrets and tips for managing an ASMR channel effectively. She also shares how ASMR has impacted her life.

ASMR is not only a form of relaxation but also a helpful tool for combating insomnia and stress. Through her ASMR content, Chiara aims to provide a comforting and relaxing experience to her audience.

She is known for her presence on multiple platforms, including YouTube and Twitch, where she shares her content with a focus on ASMR experiences.

ChiaraAsmrReal’s digital content likely includes a range of videos and streams designed to provide soothing and relaxing experiences for her audience. As a social influencer, she has likely garnered a significant following and engages with her community through various online platforms.

Chiara, streaming under the name ChiaraAsmrReal on Twitch, broadcasts approximately twice per week. Her streams primarily focus on ASMR and Just Chatting content. During these streams, Chiara engages with her chat, interacting and communicating with her viewers.

It’s important to note that ChiaraAsmrReal’s Twitch channel is exclusively dedicated to ASMR content. She does not incorporate gaming content into her streams, focusing solely on providing ASMR experiences for her viewers.

ChiaraAsmrReal is not only active on Twitch but also highly popular on Instagram. On her Instagram account, she shares glimpses of her everyday life through photos, entertaining Instagram reels, and promotes beauty products.

In terms of YouTube, ChiaraAsmrReal has two unique channels. The first channel focuses on creating unforgettable experiences in each video, likely related to ASMR content. This channel is dedicated to providing viewers with soothing and immersive experiences.

Additionally, ChiaraAsmrReal has a second YouTube channel where she posts various vlogs, lifestyle content, and beauty videos. This channel allows her to explore different aspects of her life and share her interests beyond ASMR.

ChiaraAsmrReal Age

Age29 years old
Born in1994

ChiaraAsmrReal PHOTOS

ChiaraAsmrReal Photos

ChiaraAsmrReal Photos

ChiaraAsmrReal Photos

ChiaraAsmrReal Photos

ChiaraAsmrReal Photos

ChiaraAsmrReal Photos



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